Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Citrine Gemstone is the November Birthstone

For those born in November, they are lucky to have the citrine gemstone as their birthstone, The citrine gemstone is form of quartz. It comes in shades of yellow which are warm and happy like sunshine. Citrine is a very hard stone as it ranks a 7 on the hardness scale for gemstones. Citrine is mostly made up from silicone dioxide. Citrine mostly comes from Brazil but it also comes from Russia, France and even Madagascar.

Some people believe that the citrine gemstone is believed to promote creativity, increase clarity and help with self-destructive behaviors. Physically, citrine is supposed to help with the heat, kidneys, liver, muscles and the digestive tract. This may or may not work but citrine jewelry is beautiful to wear because of the yellow shades. It is also believed when people wear their birth stone; they are lucky.

Women born in the month will appreciate any piece of citrine jewelry. To find citrine jewelry from traditional to contemporary pieces at prices to fit in any budget, shop with Galaxy Gold. Here you can find citrine rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets to surprise her with. When you shop with Galaxy Gold, you can buy with confidence because you will receive an appraiser’s certificate to show you how much your citrine ring is worth. To make the piece fit into her style, you can even choose your gold color from white, rose or yellow.

When it comes to shopping for that special November lady for her birthday, you will find beautiful citrine jewelry in all price ranges at Galaxy Gold.


  1. If you had been given birth to inside Late, you could have two gorgeous gems for you to celebrate the special birthday: citrine and also yellow-colored topaz. As the Ayurvedic birthstone list merely includes topaz, the most popular Jewelers connected with The us list considers the two citrine and also yellow-colored topaz since public Late birthstones. Regardless of what you prefer, check the familiarity with the two jewels, and also find out a number of intriguing a look at citrine and also yellow-colored topaz. November birthstone

  2. Birthstone pendants can also symbolize the wearer's passion and courage, as well as his or her power and energy.